Day 1: Morning

GREETINGS FROM PANAMA! It’s Jordan again, here to update you on all the goings-on of our first full day down south.

Sleep last night was glorious. I think I slept from 9:30pm until 8:30am, which is quite a fete considering all the lights were on and the girls were walking in and out to use the bathroom and such.


This morning we woke up and went straight to work. I met with Mollie, Mich, Randy, and Bettina regarding preparations for our client meeting this afternoon. The rest of the group, Erika, Chris, Hayley and Alison went out into the city with our translator, Victoria to get some shots of the city and B-Roll for our project. Right now we are all munching on lunch in our villa while Victoria works on doing some translations for our interview questions this afternoon.

Everyone seems to be in bright spirits after a good night’s sleep and getting to eat non-airport food. Last night we ate at this delicious restaurant called Mrs. Mendoza’s. I had a burrito and some cervaza…. yum. And the salsa dip there was the best stuff I’ve ever had! It was so fresh and yummy and light. I think I could live off that stuff.

I am looking forward to the meeting this afternoon to get to know our foundation better. We are working with a group called “FUNDACIÓN BENDAKED” which is a nonprofit that helps indigenous Panamanians with disabilities.

our coconut door stop

sweet architecture


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