Holy Cow! We’re in Panama!

Day 1: Airborn! Team Panama, consisting of Erika Holland, Jordan Thorndyke, Bettina Johnson, Mollie Lambert, Mitch Donavan, Chris Metzlaf and Halley Miller, woke up in the middle of the night in order to catch the first flight out of RDU to Miami, then from Miami we hopped on a plane to Panama.

Our mission:  Work with a Panamanian NGO to create a multimedia website for indigenous people with disabilities. We will be interviewing tribes in the jungles all over Panama!

This morning we went into Panama City to get still images and b-roll of Panamanian culture that can serve as a contrast to the culture in the jungles. This adventure had us almost killed in multiple traffic accidents, offered drinks from a truck that almost hit us, got hit on by people selling merchandise on the streets, shook a street merchant’s hand, got stared down by police with machine guns and got very lost.  But on the upside-we got some FANTASTIC broll of traffic the the poorer areas of the city.

On tap for tonight: interviews with the NGO representatives, and hopefully translate the video footage of the interviews with the help of our wonderful translator-Victoria Cuza.

Day 1: Part 2.  Rainy Reflections

For most of the day, I found myself thinking that rain in Panama is so much more beautiful than the rain in America.  However, following our meeting with the foundation we are working with I suddenly despised the rain.  The people we are working with live in the jungles of Panama, and the constant raining is causing massive flooding and problems for their everyday life.

We were told that we might not be able to go into the jungles and see these people because it would be too dangerous for us.  This caused me to wonder: what about the people who live there?  What about their elderly and their young children?  How do these people deal with all this flooding?

Also-we were told that we might not be able to get into the jungles for another reason: people came in before and took video and pictures of the tribes, told the chief’s that they were working for a non-profit that wanted to help them.  Later, the chief’s learned that they sold all the media they had taken in the jungle for a profit.  Thus, those who do want to help and kept away because of this one experience.

Lessons learned in the effects of nature and human greed on other cultures….learned.



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