Lessons Learned in Panama

So, over the last two days I have learned many lessons, both big and small:

-How to explain to someone the coconuts DON’T bloom

-That Randy can move a van that is stuck in the mud

-It normally rains at 1pm everyday in Panama

-No matter where you live, who you are or what you have, people are all the same.  They thrive on love, hope, faith and dreams.

-Some of the happiest people have nothing

-Panasonic video cameras aren’t so bad

-Women are the same no matter where we live-we all like to dance and try on clothes

-Tribal lifestyles are really fascinating

-It is possible to anticipate and long for a shower with only cold water

-The big Kahuna and the Kuna’s has to be the coolest man alive

-Someone can be a vegetarian…until dinner


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