Wearing Was, Tribal Fights, & Panamanian Lunches

What an exhausting day! 3 hours to an Emberan village and back! There, we spent 4 hours on an Emberan reservation experiencing their way of life and meeting amazing people.

We did several interviews with several kids with disabilities and their families, as well as eat a traditional Panamanian meal (chicken & rice and beans). After this, we were fortunate to view several traditional Panamanian dances from both the tribal girls and the women. And of course we got it ALL on video camera!!!

For some of the video cameras we had to maneuver them around in the mud and toss them up on huts. At one point I was climbing up a log that steps had been carved into that leaned up on a hut in a tree (crazy!). Everyday that passes, I become more and more appreciative of what I have. I hope that when I get back to the states that I don’t lose this attitude and begin taking for granted all that is given to me (a.k.a. flooring, clean water, hot water, toilets & plumbing, kitchenware, and fingernail clippers (some of theirs are supppperrrr long), lol. OH, and SOCKS! Definitely, socks!

Also, one of the families we interviewed had the absolutely cutest little girl that I instantly fell in love with so I wanted to post her picture! Her family is one of the families who are in desperate need of financial assistance for her brother’s condition. He unfortunately had to have part of his left arm amputated due to complications during birth when he was very little. It was another heart-wrenching story that made me tear up a little bit. All of these families have such strength, and yet such heartache. I admire them all.

sweet Embra little girl
Sweet little Embra girl

It was definitely an eventful day. So eventful in fact, that I’m afraid I”m going to have to cut it short and retire for the night (we had to be up at 6am).

Fun Moments of the Day:

1. Mich snapping his fingers back and forth like a stubborn girl

2. Allison unknowingly submerging her foot deep in the mud/dog poo

3. Our van getting stuck in the mud outside a village church and Randy deciding to hop out to help the Embera/Kuna men push the van out of it. (Note: As soon as Randy hopped out, the van immediately rolled out of the mud)

4. Jordan stealing a flower from the indigenous children

“It’s a flower from a plant, it’s not like they bought them”

5. Me giving Mich my chicken during lunch “secretively” as to not offend any of the women cooks (the chicken scared me…I believe it was because live chickens were walking around just outside the hut and it was just too close for comfort)

6. A policeman smiling at me and letting our van pass through security immediately after I smiled at him

7. Using the bathroom in the sketchiest supermarket bathroom & using the bathroom in the tribal village outhouse (where there was one compartment for #1 and another larger one for #2)

8. “Maybe she was just kissing Jimmy under the tree”-Me guessing about the reason behind a tribal fight that we witnessed today between a tribal mother and daughter

9. Our foundation leader asking all the women if we were single & carrying around my bookbag all day just because he wanted to

10. Being dressed in an Embra’s “Was”, which means skirts, by an indigenous woman & taking loads of pictures!

Embra Was
Embra Was

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