Working and Playing in Panama

Today was another great day in the field.  We met with two more families that work with Fundacion Bendaked.  We traveled to another Kuna neighborhood where both of these families live.


Just like yesterday, we heard some heart-wrenching stories that drew tears from many of us.  These families have so little, but are doing everything they can to help their child with disabilities.  The first family has a son with a leg handicap.  The second family has a daughter with Down-Syndrome.  The girl was so sweet, and immediately met us with a huge smile and a few hugs to go around.


After we finished our interviews for the day we went into Old Panama where we walked around and spent some time with the markets.  The leader of the Fundacion, who has been traveling with us over the past few days, took us to the market where his mother has a stand, and we all got jewelry and molas that their family makes.



Tonight, we all went out to dinner for a fantastic meal of authentic Panamanian food.  We all enjoyed the great food, and the relaxed time together as a team.  Life is good in Panama!



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