A Fine Line

This experience has taught me that there is a fine line between getting the word out about a serious problem, and exploiting people’s disabilities in order to get great material for a website.  This line is not only fine, but surrounded by a huge gray area.   Is it ok to value footage of a disfigured child more than a deaf one?  Is a photo of a child with one eye more important than a child with a disease?

No, I think not.  Is it wrong to want to tell the stories of the children with disfigurement more than those with blindness or those who are deaf?  Again, I think not.  For me, the story of a blind child has more of an impact than one of a child in a wheelchair.  Then again, the story of one child’s hardships is no better or worse than the story of another child’s problems.

These are some of the hard questions that our group has had to wrestle with this trip.  In the end, I think the answers to these questions differ from person to person, and the views on how ethical one’s answer is differs on an individual bases.


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