Chaotic city color

The color found throughout Panama is fantastic … even in the mess that is their traffic!  Panama has a form of public transportation consisting of colorfully painted buses known locally as diablo rojo. A diablo rojo is “customized” or painted with bright colors, usually depicting famous actors, politicians or singers.  It is popular for bus drivers to customize the interior and exterior of their diablo rojo. The city bus terminal serves as one of the main transport hubs for the rest of the country.

As our iMedia team has learned from first hand experience, there are frequent traffic jams in Panama City.  This is mainly due to the high levels of private transport ownership per mile of traffic lane.  In an attempt to curb traffic jams, the current President of Panama has brought forward a citywide metro system initially 14 km long that will stretch across the city.  This new metro system, along with the new Metrobuses, will replace the diablos rojos and also push the city and country toward Panama’s goal of entering the first world.


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