Our day in an Embera-Wounan village

All the girls in our Embera was

Today was full of moments that I would classify in the “experiences of a lifetime” category.  Heres a quick rundown of what we did today:

  • Visited a Embera-Wounan tribal village
  • Got a personal tour of the village
  • Spoke with many families in the village who have children with disabilities
  • Had a few tribal dances performed for us
  • Ate an authentic Panamanian meal served from the giant bowl of rice the entire village also ate for lunch
  • Being dressed up in the traditional Wa (skirt) of the Embera-Wounan women
  • Got our van stuck in the mud and having to have some of the men from the village help to push us out
  • Got permission from the four tribal chiefs of a Kuna village to visit/ film the village later in the week
  • Continued to bond with my awesome team– we have so much fun, and who wouldn’t with a day like this!

We started out the day early and traveled in the van 3 hours to the first village.  We spent all morning and a little bit of the afternoon with them.  They were the nicest people, who opened us all with open arms.  It’s been a long day, so its off to bed.  Tomorrow is another full day in Panama!


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