Today we went to another village and visited with four families.  It is a growing village with over 1000 people, but to get there we had to drive past a large landfill.  Everywhere we go, we see people in terrible living conditions in situations that are out of their control.  Yet, there are so many parts of life that are universal.

Some of these themes that we observed this week are people want enough food, water, and shelter for their families.  And, they want their families to be healthy and happy.  These are simple wishes, but for many people, it is not a reality.  Fundacion Bendaked is working to bring some of these fundamental hopes to the lives of the indigenous people they serve.

We have been greeted extremely welcomely everywhere we have gone, and people want to tell their stories, and they want assistance in achieving their dreams for their families.  I am so grateful that so many people have shared their stories with us, and we have had the opportunity to help Fundacion Bendaked– after all, Bendaked means “help” in the Kuna language.



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