Lions and Tigers and … Monkeys! oh my!

So, I didn’t get to blog about my night, last night. So here it goes.

We ate at the most beautiful italian restaurant called “Albertos” right on the marina, so we could see the ships docking and smell the sea breeze. The weather was so nice and balmy and the environment around us was nothing short of amazing. We all joked that the restaurant was so romantic that it was too bad we didn’t have our significant others with us.
(Sorry no pictures of the restaurant)

Alison enjoyed the night by video taping all our conversations and jokes. Luckily, I stayed off the camera most of the time because I sat right beside her and she couldn’t quite tape me as easily. The funniest thing she taped last night was Jordan’s “Ghostwalking”. Essentially, she just follows very closely behind someone, like their shadow, until they turn around and notice her. It had us cracking up for a while! (Videos will come later)

Dulce Idea Ice Cream Shop

Randy did take a picture of us on his phone, standing outside the ice cream shop after dinner, cracking up about Jordan’s “Ghostwalking”.




We’re heading out this morning to see the panama canal and I am super excited about seeing it all, granted that I don’t get sea sick!


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