10 Reasons Why I Love Victoria Cuza

So I just wanted to get on our blog and explain how much I appreciate Victoria (our translator) and everything she has been doing for us. For those of you who don’t know, Victoria gets up every single morning and meets us (on time) at our villa. She runs our errands, makes sure we have food/water/medicine, and translates everything from our interviews to dinner menus and street signs.

It would be impossible for us to have a productive trip without her. She goes out of her way to make sure we are comfortable and having a good time and she’s also a really awesome person and someone I hope I can continue to hang out with when we get back to Elon.


our girl, Victoria

So here goes, this is why I love Victoria Cuza…

10. She laughs at my jokes

9. She’s down to hang out and have a good time

8. She translates everything I ask her to

7. She orders food for me

6. She helps us with things that are in no way related to the project, even though its not in her job description

5. She contributes to our project even outside of her translating duties

4. She has a huge heart

3. She plans and coordinates all of our transportation

2. She picks fun places for us to go

1. She never, ever complains

As Randy would say, we love ya “Vicky!” So glad you are here to be a part of Team Rando!

Thanks for all you do… it doesn’t go unappreciated!


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One response to “10 Reasons Why I Love Victoria Cuza

  1. Victoria Cuza

    lmao youre gonna make me tear up!!! love youuuu 😀
    you are one crazy girl jordan but seriously, i love you man!

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