Canal Day

Feeding the monkeys

Hey Folks!  Sorry for the small lapse in my blogs.  Yesterday was a fantastic day, but was exhausting.  After a long day of fun in the sun, I went straight to bed instead of blogging first.

So, yesterday was our canal day, and it couldn’t have been more fabulous.  We have been having a great time here working for Fundacion Bendaked, but a day full of fun was definitely needed so we could recharge and go strong today for our last day out in the field.

We had a crazy guide named Karl as our tour guide through the Panama canal.  He lives out on a houseboat in the middle of the canal.  He was full of personality and was full of witty comments.  We first took a boat ride down the canal for about two hours where we stopped periodically to see the sites and learn about the history of the canal.  We also stopped a couple times to feed the monkeys and watch a sloth move (slowly) around a tree.  The monkeys came onto our boat and took peanuts and banana pieces out of our hands!

After the ride, we arrived at a large dock with a houseboat attached to it.  There were several hammocks hanging from the ceiling and a place to jump off the dock into the water.  Here, we had a great Panamanian lunch and hung out on the dock for a bit.  After lunch, we took a canoe/ kayak ride up the canal to a waterfall where we got out and swam near the waterfall.  Yep, I kayaked down the Panama Canal… can’t believe it!

It was such an amazing day.  I can now say I have fed wild monkeys, kayaked down the Panama Canal, and waded in the waters of the canal.  Not bad for one fabulous day!


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