Crazy Kind of day


At the waterfall with our captain, Carl.

It’s late tonight and we have an early wake up call so I’m cutting this blog short. Here’s the highlights:

1. We went on a boat ride on the panamal canal.
2. We braved the deep dark jungles and faced all kinds of wild creatures
3. Monkeys jumped on the roof of our boat , and climbed down the railing
4. We fed the monkeys peanuts from our hands!
5. We arrived at a housboat where we ate traditional panamanian food.
6. We canoed/kayaked out to a waterfall and climbed on top to jump off it into the cool water.
7. Back at the houseboat, we jumped off the top floor into the murky water
8. We held snakes and alligators
9.  We got a little bit tanner… some of us burned
10. We ate dinner at a Lebanese restaurant (which is a great experience for me, because I am lebanese.)


Pretty unsure about holding this snake!

Now, we’re going to crash in the bed because we are all so exhausted and have to get up so very early!!




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