Queiro Comer

One of the most defining elements of a cultural identity is food. The Irish are known for their potatoes. The German’s are known for their brautwurst. The Chinese are known for their rice. The Mexicans are known for their rice. Similarly, food in Panama offers an insight to the culture as a whole. One of our daily struggles was the eternal question: “what should we eat?”

Sometimes we walked to a sandwich place in the Ciudad del Saber. Sometimes we went out to dinner. Sometimes we ordered pizza. Much to my surprise (and disappointment in America) nearly every major restaurant in Panama delivers! Not just Pizza Hut or Chinese food, but McDonalds and KFC! TGIFridays? Yeah, that too. Americans are so lazy, we can’t even get our chain fast food restaurants to deliver food to our homes. Am I supposed to actually get in my car and go somewhere? Worse, am I supposed to actually make my food myself? Life is so hard…

By far, the most memorable meal I had was on Sunday, when we got what my colleagues and I consider the most authentic Panamanian food you can get. When we visited the Emberra reservation, we were treated to a veritable banquet. For this tribe, serving soda in cups, and eating with a spoon was a big deal, and we were treated like visiting royalty. The main course was Arroz con Pollo (rice with chicken), and as many of the girls soon realized, the chicken was about the freshest you could find, as the pollo was survived by family members frolicking outside. While I ate up the meal as best as I could (and then some, apparently some girls don’t trust authentic fresh chicken, so one gave theirs to me) I eventually had to say “Estoy lleno.”

When eating in Panama, just be sure not to mix up your vocabulary. “Tengo hambre” and “tengo hombre” are two very different things…


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