Traveling Home

Yesterday was a crazy travel day.  We had arranged for our vans to pick us up at noon—plenty of time to make our flight.  Well, to begin with, our van was 30 minutes late.  Panama City has had water shut off in the entire city for the past few days, and many of the streets were blocked off today for a protest.  Once the vans got to the villas, we all packed up to head to the airport.  Our van seemed to be full of all of the stuff we had taken with us.  We had gone literally 50 feet when we realized the muffler of the van of the other group was literally dragging on the ground.  After about another 30 minutes and a failed attempted to temporarily reattach the muffler with a coat hanger, we had to go to plan B.  We crammed another 4 people (in addition to our 10) into the “already full” 12-passenger van and the rest went crammed in our translator’s CRV.  Somehow, everyone and all the luggage and equipment were finally on the way to the airport.

But, remember those protests?  We had to slowly navigate the streets of Panama City.  After a long van ride, we all finally made it to the airport with plenty of time.  YAY!

Our travels also included a sprint through the Miami airport make our connection, but with a bit of luck, all of us will soon land in NC.

Oh, the joys of traveling!

Everything about this trip has been one adventure after another; so actually, this small adventure of getting to the airport was a fitting (maybe not as fun) end to the trip.  And I will be forever grateful for everything I have learned and experienced on this wonderful adventure.



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