Back in the Homeland

For the past 5 days, Team Rando has been working hard at Elon to sift through all the video, photos, interviews, and information we gathered to create a functional and useful interactive website for Fundacion Bendaked.

As the other groups come back from their trips, our group has grown even closer as our classmates amp up the competition and we fight over space in our building. The Panama groups have moved out of Powell (where our grad program is located) and into McEwan (the undergrad comm building), much to the dismay and resentment of the undergrads vying for space in the editing bays.

Too bad they are no match for a group of great adventurers like us. Since I am in charge of content (writing), my job hinges on what the rest of my group is doing. I can’t start writing up stories about interviews until we know who we are featuring on the site. I can’t write photo captions until I know which photos we are going to use. I think you get the idea. That gives me plenty of time to do things like blog… and micromanage… and provide input… and probably annoy the rest of my group. Good thing I bribed them with sweets from Panera today.

The good thing about my job is that I can do a lot of the little things that no one else really wants to do. For example, I’ve made a quick presentation in PowerPoint for when we present our website next week. Apparently all of the faculty from our graduate program as well as the School of Communications has been invited to hear about our fly-in projects and see our final products.

So far so good on the whole design thing with the website. Bettina is amazing. As are Mich and Mollie. As bored as I’m sure they were sometimes in Panama, there is no way we could do this without their talents. Bettina is our graphic designer and the concept she came up with for the site is awesome. Mollie is an HTML goddess and Mich is a Flash genius. They have done some cool things to make our site functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Alison and Chris have been hard at work editing videos. Victoria came in today for the first time (she just flew in yesterday) and has been working to translate all of the videos and interviews. Erika is editing photos for the site and Hayley is making sure all the lose ends are tied up. The worst part about all of this is that we haven’t had a break since the day after we got back. No weekends off, no time to sleep in or catch up on life that we missed while we were out of the country. However, I prefer this much more than our normal class schedule because it is more job-like. This is the kind of project you can leave at school at the end of the day and come back to later.

Can’t wait for the site to go live so that the foundation can see all the hard work we’ve put in for them!


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