Baby Steps

As we get further along in this project, we have begun to encounter more and more problems with the website. Things like sizing issues, content organization, coding problems, what type of features to use, etc. Its challenging and frustrating but I think that its been important to our learning experience.

When we enter “the real world” in about 6 months, we are sure to be met with dozens of challenges like the ones I just described. Clients will make us change and rework things a hundred times before we finally get it right. HTML won’t cooperate. JQuery features will conflict with one another.

The problem will be that we won’t have a team of trained and knowledgeable students to back us up and help us troubleshoot and problem solve. I think that has been one of the biggest learning curves during this project– is figuring out how to solve these issues on our own, without using our professors as a crutch. As far as Randy is concerned, he’s been fairly hands-off during post-production. He’s letting us make our own decisions and create our own site. He has been around to give advice and offer solutions, but for the most part, this project is all our own. I feel like we are working in an office environment, creating media for a client.

Everyday we get here around 10am, and everyday we leave around 6pm (or later). We work together in editing bays, going through videos and using DreamWeaver, wordpress, google docs, illustrator, Flash, photoshop, and Final Cut to come up with a final product that we will be proud to show to Fundacion Bendaked. But it is a tedious a process. And a frustrating one.

A few minutes ago Mollie came in and excitedly said, “I got it to work in both browsers!” Not sure what she’s talking about but then she explained that she’s taking “baby steps” to get the site to work the way it should. Its an interesting concept, that the most minute of details take hours of coding, and yet we call them “baby steps”. Maybe the baby steps are the most significant accomplishments. A big picture is made up of a hundred tiny details, and who’s to say that those details aren’t as important as the finished product?

Site goes live in 5 days and I know we have a hundred more baby steps to take. My hope is that once we are finished, we won’t forget the process it took to get there. From start to finish, Team Rando has been intimately, emotionally, and professionally invested in this project. From Panama to Elon we need to stay focused on what the project means not only for us as students and aspiring professionals; but more importantly what it means for us as human beings helping those less fortunate than us.


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