Reflections on the adventure

Since I’ve been home for about a week, I’ve had time to reflect on all our experiences.  Our time in Panama was a like a whirlwind with our crazy schedule and racing the clock to get everything uploaded from all the cards.  Since we’ve been home, we’ve been looking at all the footage for days at a time to get things ready for the website.

This last week I’ve realized that while getting the word out about Bendaked in important, and educating people about the disabilities that are going unnoticed in Panama is crucial, but what I’ve enjoyed most are the moments where I’m editing film and come across a clip where a person with a disability is smiling, goofing off or just having fun.

While I was in Panama it was hard to see these people as human beings because of the shock of their disabilities, but now I’m able to see these people as humans beings, who have hope, joy and faith.  I like looking at the videos and coming across a bit of laughter or a smile.  Seeing these positives, even with all the negatives makes me want to work harder so these people can have more smiles and more laughter.

All in all…the most important thing about this project is hope.  The hope that things will get better, and these people will spend more time happy.


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